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Valiant Blogger Award

I was surprised when I received a nomination from designerpratosha regarding the Valiant Blogger Award. It made me smile and thanked her quickly about the nomination. It was really unexpected and it’s my first time to have a nomination just like this! Thanks again to you lady!

With many thanks as well to Hall of Valor for initiating this kind of blogging award that can inspire many. Keep it up! Your site is just a visit away!

The greatest challenge in my life that I would like to share is about when I need to start again with a new job. I need to start to be friends again with people I need to work with. I need to be acquainted not only to my new co-workers but also to my new superiors, which I don’t know if they are friendlier than them. I also have to learn new things at work, adjust with the environment. This means another journey in life.

We couldn’t really change people unless they voluntarily do it themselves. What we could do is try to go with the flow. Talk to them as professional as you can. Then adapt the positive things that you can have from them. This is how I get through whenever I have to start over again at work.

Just always remember, do not ever get negativity go inside your senses because it will not really help at all! Always look on the brighter side of everything. Before you complain, trust God first then trust yourself and the people around you.

There are negative things in life but positivity should still prevail! It is the law of attraction indeed!

I would like to nominate swajithkas for this award.


  1. Post the award on your blog.
  2. Provide a link to the Hall of Valor
  3. In 200 words or less, share about the greatest challenge in your life and how you got through it.
  4. Give one piece of advice to people who are struggling with something in their life.
  5. Thank the person who nominated you and nominate a new blogger for the award.

Suggestion Box!

Hi! This is Rye and I am a freelance writer and a blogger. I blog anything that I wish to blog especially when something pop up in my mind and I want to write about it.

If you want to be part of my blog, you can send me suggestions and I can try to look for ways to write something about your suggestions. You can tell me if you want me to mention your name or your nickname on the blog so I can give credits to you regarding your suggestion.

It would be my honor if I can receive one from you and I hope to hear from you soon.

Please send me your suggestions. You can comment down here your suggestions like topics of anything that you want me to write. Thank you!

NOTE: I will have the right not to choose the topic that can hurt someone or those regarding pornography. Thank you. Hope to hear from you!

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Simple Tips on how to write an Article

Some people think that writing is boring, but for some it is another form of art. It is an art where you need to be creative so your readers can be hooked on what you want to tell about your stories or articles. It is where you need to educate your readers and feed them information. There should be substance as what other professional writers says.

If you want to try to write an article but don’t know where to start, I think these tips could give you idea on how to write an article.

1.       Know your topic. You should know what your topic first so you know where to start. By just a keyword or phrase you can come up to an idea on what content that you are going to write.

2.       Create the title of the topic that you are going to write. Make sure it has sense. You can use the questions what, why, when, where, who and how in creating the title. You can also include your keyword in the title. Make sure that when your readers read the title they will be interested on what your title is about.

3.       When you are ready to write your article, remember to use the standard format that includes the Introduction, Body 1, Body 2, and then the Conclusion. Your Introduction should be introducing your title or the topic. The Body 1 and 2 will be about your topic or the title. The contents of the topic can be about tips, what dos or don’ts, fun facts and many others. The last one is the Conclusion where you will be closing your article like the verdict or anything that you have learned about the topic.

4.       Always check your grammar. Remember that you are educating your readers so you need to write the article with the proper use of noun, pronoun, adjectives, verb, adverb, prepositions and other grammar structure.

5.       Read your article after you have written it. Make sure it is error free, no missing words, misspelled words and missing punctuation marks. If you researched about the topic, remember not to copy your resources. It is plagiarism if you copy the entire article. It is also called stealing of property. You must rephrase or write it on your own way.

6.       If all is done, you can let anyone to read your article to see if it makes sense. Criticism is great so you can improve your writing and do it greatly next time you write an article.

Now that you know these tips, you can try to write an article of your own. You can start on a topic that you are comfortable with. And if you are already comfortable in writing articles you can make it as your part time job where you can earn money. Good luck!

What I want is…What we want…

It is almost end of the year again and we are thinking of finishing all what we have started this year. We are also thinking of what we want to start next year. We would want everything to be in the right place when we start the year. It might be difficult but we want to at least try. Some are starting a new job and some are starting new relationships. Some want to start a new life.

What we always want in our life is to be happy and contented. We want our family to be happy. We want everyone in the world to be of peace. We always wish that all our dreams will come true. That is why we keep on praying and we keep on hoping for our success. We never give up on what we are doing.

What I really want is happiness, good health, peace, and full of blessings from God. I want my family, relatives and friends to have a good health and fulfillment in what they want in their life. I wish their entire wish will come true.

I don’t know how it sounds but what I just wish for next year is complete happiness and good health for me and my family. This is what is most important. Wealth can be one of it but still there is nothing to compare to happiness and good health wish for my family. All are wishes to God.

Have a Happy New Year everyone! And God Bless us all!


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Jam of Jamich, a Bid Farewell

(photo credits to the owner)

I remember the last time that I wrote a blog about Jamich was when I first admire them and watched their short films. It was so inspiring that this real-life couple was able to do it with their whole heart and soul and became so popular. Not only being good in acting but they were also good in singing and dancing. And based on the likes on their YouTube videos, it reached millions meaning they’ve gained lots of people’s interest about what they’re doing!

It’s just so sad that Jam Sebastian of Jamich was diagnosed with lung cancer and need to battle for his life. It was so shocking for all the people who love him, especially his family and Michelle Liggayu his girlfriend. They didn’t waste time to save Jam by undergoing chemotherapy. Though it was so painful for the YouTube sensation to be on this situation, they still didn’t give up and instead seek guidance to our God, our Father. They didn’t skip going to the Feast every Sunday to rejoice God’s greatness.

It was love of Michelle to her fiancé was I think that also made Jam stronger, aside from God, family, friends and fans. She was so supportive, selfless, strong woman and didn’t stop loving her boyfriend. Sadly, the marriage will not happen anymore because Jam Sebastian died at the age of 28.

When the first time last year 2014, that I’ve watched their videos, it made me so inspired in keep going. This man and his partner made me realized that they have lots of everything they can show to inspire so many people. As what I’ve seen on one of the posts in Facebook, they said love knows no boundaries. It means love is unconditional whatever happens, you can still feel the love.

I became a fan, and did cry because of something that touches me about their story. Jamich became an inspiration to me because of all those touching stories they made. In just 7 minute-video, you will be able to realize that you can go on to your life no matter what.

Let’s pray for Jam, though he’s with God now, he will still remains in our hearts. Our deepest condolences to the family and friends, fans who were supporting Jamich all the way.

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Comment on a Post

I think I’ve missed too much from the Blogging 101 assignments we have. I hope it will not be too late to catch up. I just got time to only like one post yesterday and that’s ItalianHurricane’s post. It’s about her forgetting to focus on her studies. But I think I was wrong because she can never forget it because she needs it for her future.

That is why I cannot say anything now about other’s post because I wasn’t able to find another blog to comment on. Maybe because of the traffic on the internet and other chores to make. Besides, I was too sleepy and need to lay down for just couple of hours to take power nap. But then it still didn’t work at all, maybe just a little. It seems three-hour power nap is still not enough because we’ve work for one week, more than 40 hours to be exact.

To be able to somehow overcome stress and join the Blogging 101, during my past time I will turn my mobile data on and will be reading some post on the Commons. So many posts you can learn from and can get ideas from them. Then after reading and getting ideas then will be applying it here on my blog. Even just only few words that I can write that would be just fine!

Who is Your Target Audience?

As to respond to my next assignment in Blogging 101, it is really interesting and made me think who really could be the present and even the future readers of my blog. I am also interested to imagine where in the world the readers are located.

My dream readers are all the people around the world. It would be great if I can meet people who will be professionally criticize my blogs. This will definitely going to make me feel special because they manage to read my blog and tell me what I need to change! And that is very good!

This is the reason I took the chance to get this Blogging 101 challenge. This might be the start of building the dream audience or readers that I am looking for. I hope I can be more inspired in taking this opportunity to create the blogs that I will be enjoying to show to my dream readers.